Safeguarding Your Online Assets

As technology develops, more of us are using the internet to go about our daily business. According to the Office of National Statistics, in the first quarter of 2015, 86% of adults in the UK, equating to 44.7 million, used the internet and only 11% of UK adults had never been online. Due to these changes it can become more problematic for loved ones to deal with our affairs after we have gone.

One of the simplest changes is in the storage of photographs, with digital cameras we can easily add our latest snaps straight to our computers to see them on the big screen, and then remove them from the camera to get our storage space back. This is a big change from the way that families used to spend time together going through old photographs and reminiscing, often passing on the collections through generations to keep families connected. With the escalation of digital photography, albums can be passed on electronically, for example through memory sticks or DVDs instead.

Social media hotspot Facebook now allows you to decide whether you would like your profile to be ‘Memorialised’ or simply shut down when you pass away. A memorialised account allows friends to post commemorations and share pictures in your memory. It is also possible to name a Legacy Contact, this person will be able to manage your Memorialised profile on your behalf. This person can also add a post to your site regarding memorial services and the like, if you so wish.

Regarding money, there are many ways in which the online world is taking over. We have online banking, shopping and even betting. It is important to keep track of these accounts and perhaps to keep a record of the details alongside your Will provided it is securely stored. Keeping on top of your accounts and their details not only assists with any future access for loved ones but also helps with avoiding fraudulent activity.

One of the challenges the Executor of a Will can come up against is organising the funeral. For some of us, many of our contacts are now through e-mail rather than being present in phonebooks and address lists. Keeping a record of all of your e-mail contacts can assist loved ones when informing others of any funeral arrangements.

With the very fast progression of technology it is likely that more and more will be done online in the future, take steps now to prepare for the future for your loved ones. Why not consider Legal & Contract Services Ltd. to have your Will written or renewed? We offer a free, confidential home visit, and it is only £90 for a single Will and £120 for a couple. Call us on 0345 017 8250 or visit


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