Give Your Family The Best Gift This Christmas.

At LCS we generally see a rise in deaths over the Christmas and Winter period. Any death is a sad event, but this can bring so much additional pain to families where a loved one has died without making a Will or putting their affairs in order.

Here are a few suggestions of what to deal with before it really is too late.

  1. Make a Will – This easy step makes life so much easier for those you leave behind. This gives clear instructions about what you want to happen and whom you wish to benefit from your estate.
  2. Lasting Powers of Attorney – These are vital documents to have in case you lose the ability to make decisions or act for yourself in the future.
  3. Estate Planning – This enables you to plan for the future, prepare for retirement and minimise your Inheritance Tax liability.
  4. Plan your Funeral– Having a pre-paid Funeral Plan in place means that you have the funeral that you want, and, the financial burden of this is not placed upon your family.
  5. Care for your pets – What happens if you die before them? Who will care for them, and where will the money come from to provide for them. This can all be dealt with in your Will.
  6. Organ donation – If this is something that is important to you, you should register on the National Register, carry a donor card and inform your family of your wishes.
  7. Be practical – Someone will have to deal with your estate when you die. It would make this task easier if you have kept clear records prior to your death.
  8. Talk to your family – Inform them where important documents, including your Will, Funeral Plan, and Powers of Attorney are kept. Discussing death is often not an easy subject, but it is so important that your loved ones know what your wishes are.

Have peace of mind this Christmas knowing that you have given the best gift to your loved ones.

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