Living Near A Main Road May Increase Your Risk Of Dementia.

It has come to light today, as reported in the Times, that living near a main road may increase your risk of Dementia.

For many years, there has been concern that air pollution may be contributing towards neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. In Britain, air pollution already contributes towards the deaths of roughly 40,000 people each year by aggravating respiratory and heart conditions.

A ten year study of 6.6 million people (conducted by Canadian public health scientists) has concluded that one in ten Dementia deaths of people living within 50 metres of a busy road, was caused by fumes and noise. This declined the further away from heavy traffic they resided. This finding is the first to suggest a link between people’s proximity to traffic, and the onset of Dementia.

This finding is prolific as the British Government have currently missed EU emission targets and have been ordered to develop a new clean air strategy by Summer 2017. It is also important in highlighting the risks involved in living in areas with high traffic and cities that are contained with a high concentration of smog.

Roughly 850,000 people suffer from Dementia in the UK, and it is now classed as the leading cause of death for both genders.

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