Proposed Probate Increases.

The Government have proposed a new “flat rate” Probate fee increase which they are hoping to bring in in May 2017.

Under the new system, estates under £50,000 will be exempt from Probate fees, otherwise every other deceased estate will be charged as per the chart below.


This rise is set to financially cripple a lot of bereaved families who must pay the fees prior to being able to access money from the deceased’s bank accounts.

The increase has been widely criticised as another stealth tax being brought in to help pay for the Social care deficits.

Families will lose out, likewise so will Charities who will lose a sizeable chunk of any money left to them.

With all the additional costs, and at a time when families are distraught at losing a loved one, LCS provide a very cost effective and efficient service to deal with all the estate administration, taking some of the pain away.

Call LCS now on 0345 017 8250 for peace of mind and a professional service.


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