lasagne app

Would You Buy Next Door’s Lasagne?

Do you think you’re the next Jamie Oliver? Does your lasagne make you feel like Nigella? A new app has been developed that allows busy people the opportunity to purchase food from nearby home cooks.

Finnish duo Leo Wuoristo and Ilkka Salo are the brains behind the food app “Trybe” and believe it is about to take the market by storm. The app connects domestic cooks to a local network, to enable busy professionals the opportunity to buy home cooked food from the area.

Salo himself thought up the concept, by accident it seems, when his neighbour offered him a home cooked curry to save him going to buy his dinner in the pouring rain. He gave her £5 and she gave him the best curry he’d ever had.

After meeting up with his friend Wuoristo, they realised there must be thousands of people who find themselves not only with no time to cook a decent, healthy meal, but who go back to an empty home and eat alone.

The duo individually meet every potential cook to try their dishes, check out their kitchen and photograph their food. They also insist that every cook is visited by the council, and once they’re approved, they’re ready to cook!

Each cook has the option to take pre-orders, or cook on demand. They are supplied with Trybe boxes to put their food in, and the food is then delivered by courier, or the buyer can collect directly from the cook. The money is transferred via the app and the cooks’ can also be rated and given feedback. The system is already proving very popular in London.

The duo are thrilled as they believe it has already exceeded their expectations, and appears to have been adopted by people from all backgrounds. They have stay at home parents, professional chefs, and people that just love to cook.

Although they wholly admit people will never become millionaires, their vision was always to improve people’s diets, and they actively encourage their cooks to use authentic, healthy, tasty dishes that are cooked fresh on the day.

As more people are succombing to their careers and spending less time at home, this app could be a concept for the future and shape the way we view our social life.


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