General Election 2017

49 days ago the Prime Minister, Theresa May, called a snap General Election she’d always insisted she would never call.

Tomorrow, Theresa May, leader of the Conservative Party, goes head to head with Jeremy Corbyn (Labour), Tim Farron (Liberal Democrats), Paul Nuttall (UKIP), Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley (Green Party) and Nicola Sturgeon (SNP), whilst the UK votes for what could be the end of Britain as we know it.

Although originally calling the General Election to allow Britain the chance to choose who takes us through Brexit negotiations, Theresa May has found herself under serious pressure and scrutiny.

She has had to defend her decisions to not attend key conferences, and more recently has led the country through two terrorist attacks, one of which found Britain raising to a critical terror alert.

According to the Telegraph, the latest polls show Labour is still closing the gap behind the Conservatives, with YouGov stating a 4 point gap, and ICM stating 11 points. Despite the gap in the polls, when the election was called, the Tories lead by 17.8 points.

Far from the landslide victory the Conservatives expected, YouGov have predicted the gap will continue to close and suggested we are heading towards a hung Parliament. This occurs when no single party wins a majority vote.

If this was the case, Theresa May would remain in power, but begin discussions with the second party (most likely Labour), to decide whether they can form a coalition. This was the case in 2010 when David Cameron (the Conservatives) became Prime Minister, with Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats) as his deputy.

Although each party promotes a very different manifesto, the common theme of each is the NHS. With 91% of nurses recently voting in favour of industrial action (ballot organised by RCN), the healthcare industry is definitely calling for change and crying for a lift on the pay cap nurses and doctors currently experience.

It has been no secret that the NHS is at crisis point struggling with money, staff, and with the Brexit vote, a potential nightmare regarding our nurses and doctors coming from the EU.

With Labour “over promising”, and the Conservatives planning to continue with seemingly little change, are there any parties that really have what it takes to put confidence back amongst the nation?

This Election is probably one of the most pivotal the country has ever held. With so much at stake for the nation, and with no party obliged to see their manifesto through, who will you have confidence in to lead the country out of crisis and into a bright future?




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